Drainage Pipeline

Drainage pipeline refers to collection systems that discharge sewage, wastewater and stormwater drainage pipes and ancillary facilities composed. Including dry pipe, manifolds and pipes leading to the treatment plant, or any other place, whether on the streets built, as long as they play the role of drainage pipes, drainage channels should be as statistics. Length of sewer drain by all, trunks, branch pipes and inspection wells, connection length and calculate well as import and export, excluding rainwater drains mouth to the connecting pipe between the pipe and open channel into the household. When calculating a single tube should be calculated, that is, in the same street where two or more side by side drains, drainage channels and should be the length of each calculation.

Pipe Type line-pipe
Galvanized iron pipe is currently the largest amount of a material to use, because galvanized iron pipe corrosion caused by high levels of heavy metals in water, affect human health, the government sector in many countries and regions have begun to explicitly prohibit the use of galvanized iron pipes. At present, China is gradually phased out this type of pipe.

Brass is a more traditional but the price is more expensive pipe material, durable and construction more convenient. In many imported sanitary products, brass is the first choice. Price is the most important reason affecting their usage, in addition to copper corrosion is on the one hand factor.

Stainless steel tube is a more durable piping material. But its high price, and the construction process is relatively high, especially the strength of the material is hard, very difficult scene processing. Therefore, the probability of the renovation project was selected low.

Plastic composite pipe is a pipe more popular in the market because of its light weight, durable and easy construction, which can be more suitable for use in bending home improvement. Its main drawback is used for hot water pipes in use, due to thermal expansion and contraction will cause long-term dislocation wall resulting in leakage.

About Hunan Prime Steel Pipe Co., Ltd

HUNAN PRIME STEEL PIPE is the export gateway of SHINESTAR HOLDINGS GROUP. We are dedicated in providing and exporting high performance-price ratio welded & seamless steel pipes and fittings covering various steel grades. At Prime Steel Pipe, we believe that honest communication, expertise in our industry, and prompt execution lead to strong long-term relationships. Our professioanl team provides " one-stop procurement" servics to coordinate with your project regulation, site and terrain, and ensure the best quality of products by assigning skillful experts at every stage of production. Our principles is to keep the honesty in mind, to win reputation by trust. We strives to providing quality products, competitive price and value-added services to our clients throughout the world.

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