Boiler Tube Hardness

Boiler tube hardness is one very important factor to determine the quality of high pressure boiler tubes.
First, it must be considered to detect the mechanical properties of hardness high pressure boiler tubes, because it is the relationship between the performance and quality of deformation, punching, cutting and other procboiler-tubeessing problems. So first of its hardness testing should detect its mechanical properties. Detection methods generally tensile test and hardness test. Tensile test, that is, to the high-pressure boiler tube sample preparation, but also in a tensile testing machine will stretch until the specimen breaks, so you can measure the tensile strength of the high-pressure boiler tubes, yield strength, elongation after fracture and reduction. Tensile tests in the metallic material is often carried out detecting means, is not easy for many hardness test, tensile test must be carried out. There are several hardness test method: like scarification, pressed into law, power law, etc., the material hardness test is one of the easiest tests to compare and tensile test, etc. especially concerned.
Hardness performance requirements
① high hardness and wear resistance;
② high dimensional stability;
③ deformation after heat treatment;
④ In the course of storage or change the size and hardness does not occur.

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