Defects Of Welded Steel Pipe

Defects Of Welded Steel Pipe

Welded steel pipe production process is a steel sheet,strip,and other various molding methods using the straight press roll helical direction curling into a desired cross-sectional shape,and then by means of heart,prssure,different methods of welding weld weld together to obtain steel.Therefore,defects in the welded steel pipe is divided into two parts:the steel base material defects and weld defects.

1.Steel base material defect
The sheet material defects after rolling and other processes,most of planar,parallel to the surface;their main weakness delamination,cracks,folds,etc.,which is the most common layered internal defects.Stratification will produce a variety of cracks when the tensile stress perpendicular to the surface of the sheet by the hierarchical will seriously affect the strength of the steel pipe,it is not allowed defects.

2.Weld defects
Weld defects refers to defect during welding or after welding resulting in the weld is divided into cracks,proes,slag,incomplete penetration,incomplete fusion,undercut weld defects.Intensive weld porosity,slag,etc.a dense three-dimensional defects,cracks,lack of fusion and other defects in the case of the flat,great harm.Strip slag.


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