How to Ensure the Quality of High Frequency Welded Pipe in the Process of Production?

In the high frequency welding process of production, in order to ensure that the product quality of the high frequency welded pipe meets the requirements of the technical standards and the needs of the customers , we need to analyze the factors that affect the product quality in the steel pipe production process.

Through a month of nonconforming product statistics of Φ76mm high frequency welded steel pipe unit, We believe that the factors that affect the quality of steel pipe products in the production process include raw materials, welding technology, roll adjustment, roll material, equipment failure, production environment and other reasons, etc. Among them, raw materials, welding technology, roll adjustment are key links, 32.44%, 24.85% and 22.72% respectively, the sum of the three links accounted for 80.01%. And the other four elements of the impact on the quality of steel products accounted for 19.99%, are relatively minor links, including roll material, equipment failure, production environment and other reasons. Therefore, in the high frequency welding process of production, the raw materials, welding technology and roll adjustment three links should be controlled carefully.

Effects of raw material on welding quality of carbon steel pipe

Factors affecting the quality of raw materials mainly include three aspects, the unstable mechanical properties of the steel strip, the surface defects of the strip and the large deviation of geometric size. Therefore, tube manufacturers should control from these three aspects.

Effects of high frequency welding on quality of carbon steel pipe

In the process of high frequency welding of steel pipe, welding technology and the control of process parameters, the position of the sensor and resistor,etc., have a great influence on the weld pipe weld quality.

Effects of roll adjustment on quality of carbon steel pipe

From the steel pipe scrap causal analysis diagram, we can get roll adjustment is the operation of the steel pipe.In the production process, when the roll is damaged or abrasive badly ad, we need to replace part of the roll on the unit, or we need to replace the whole roll when the number of a product is enough after continuous production. Tube manufacturers should adjust the roll to obtain a good quality of the pipe.If the roll adjustment is not good, easy to cause the tube seam torsion, welding of steel pipe, lap welding, edge waves, drums and body surface indentation or scratches, big ovality of steel pipe and other defects, so the roll should be grasped roll adjustment skill. So the worker should master the roll adjustment technique when changing the roll.

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