Characteristics of Spiral Welded Pipe Production

Several days ago, we shared the introduction of spiral welded pipe (also called SSAW steel pipe), now, let us continue to understand characteristics of spiral welded pipe production.
Characteristics of spiral welded pipe production includes:
(1)Manufacturers can use the same width of the strip steel to produce a variety of diameter steel pipe;
(2)The flatness of pipe is good, the size of it is more accurate, the spiral weld inside and outside increases the rigidity of pipe body, so the production process of SSAW steel pipe doesn’t need sizing and straightening process after welding;
(3)Easy to achieve mechanization, automation and continuous production;
(4)Compared to other equipments those have similar size, it has a small size, small footprint and investment, and fast construction;
(5)Compared with the same size of the straight seam welded pipe, the weld seam per unit length of tube stock is comparatively long, which makes spiral welded pipe production has lower productivity.

About Hunan Prime Steel Pipe Co., Ltd

HUNAN PRIME STEEL PIPE is the export gateway of SHINESTAR HOLDINGS GROUP. We are dedicated in providing and exporting high performance-price ratio welded & seamless steel pipes and fittings covering various steel grades. At Prime Steel Pipe, we believe that honest communication, expertise in our industry, and prompt execution lead to strong long-term relationships. Our professioanl team provides " one-stop procurement" servics to coordinate with your project regulation, site and terrain, and ensure the best quality of products by assigning skillful experts at every stage of production. Our principles is to keep the honesty in mind, to win reputation by trust. We strives to providing quality products, competitive price and value-added services to our clients throughout the world.

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