The Characteristic of Seamless Precision Steel Tube

Precision steel pipe is a kind of steel pipe that inside and outside of the wall are without oxidation layer, withstand high pressure without leakage, high precision, high finish, cold bending is not deformed, flaring, flattening no cracks and so on. The main advantage of seamless precision steel tube is characterized by a smaller diameter, high precision, high precision, good surface quality, better performance, more dense metal. It has strict requirements on the pipe body bore, the outer wall size and the tolerance and roughness. Seamless precision steel pipe is mainly used for mechanical structure, hydraulic equipment, hydraulic and pneumatic cylinder manufacturing.

The characteristic of seamless precision steel tube:

1. Finished tube size accuracy, internal and external diameter can be accurate to within 0.05mm.
2. Internal and external surface finish is good.
3. There is no oxide film on the inner and outer surfaces of the precision tube after cold rolling.
4. Precision pipe flaring, flattening no cracks, cold bending is not deformed, can withstand high pressure.
5. Performance is superior, can make a variety of complex deformation and mechanical deep processing.

The uses of seamless precision steel pipe:

1. Precision tube for automobile manufacturing, precision pipe for automobile parts, precision tube for precision equipment, Precision pipe for boiler equipment.
2. Motor shell with precision tube, motor shell, DC motor tube.
3. Industrial processing categories: machinery manufacturing with precision pipe, machine tool processing with precision tube, bearing pipe with precision pipe, processing machinery parts, etc. High pressure tubing, hydraulic cylinder.
5. Other: electrical gas transmission, water power pipes and so on.

About Hunan Prime Steel Pipe Co., Ltd

HUNAN PRIME STEEL PIPE is the export gateway of SHINESTAR HOLDINGS GROUP. We are dedicated in providing and exporting high performance-price ratio welded & seamless steel pipes and fittings covering various steel grades. At Prime Steel Pipe, we believe that honest communication, expertise in our industry, and prompt execution lead to strong long-term relationships. Our professioanl team provides " one-stop procurement" servics to coordinate with your project regulation, site and terrain, and ensure the best quality of products by assigning skillful experts at every stage of production. Our principles is to keep the honesty in mind, to win reputation by trust. We strives to providing quality products, competitive price and value-added services to our clients throughout the world.

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